"Mozart composed his first symphony
at eight years old.
Shakespeare was married at eighteen
and completed his first play at twenty six.
My grandmother carried life in her hips at fifteen
and had three declarations of young love
by the time she was nineteen.
My grandfather had barely gotten over puberty
when he took his first trip-
a tromp over unknown countryside with
a gun on his back and a
stained uniform as his only clothes.
I am twenty and all I feel like doing
is falling asleep until the
Earth’s completed
another revolution of the sun."

I’ll Be Well-Rested Once I Turn Twenty-One | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)
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We’re reeling through an endless fall

We are the ever-living ghost of what once was

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Robb Stark is dead.

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On the Sofa, Berthe Morisot

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My family’s gone. I’ve got no one.

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je propose une nouvelle loi qui séparera les trains en deux sections: la silencieuse et la bruyante. c’est comme fumeur/non fumeur, si tu planifies d’avoir une discussion ou si t’as des enfants qui crient tu vas dans la section bruyante et si t’as pas d’amis tu te ferme la gueule dans la section silencieuse

et bien évidemment ceux qui toussent plus de deux fois lors du trajet à bord de la section silencieuse seront expulsés et se verront obligés de passer le reste du voyage en se faisant déranger par des gens qui rient trop fort

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